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Hazardous Materials Technician Competency Assessment Check-Off

This document has been developed to provide guidance for regularly scheduled competency maintenance of Hazardous Materials Technicians. The psychomotor skills found in the competencies outlined in NFPA 472 (old version), OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120(q) and the Florida State Emergency Response Commissions Public Sector Hazardous Materials Training Guidelines have been brought together in a series of five operational sections totaling 107 performance based skills. Link to download: ( )

Table of Contents

Section 1: Incident Command

1.1 Roles and ICS

Section 2: Hazard/Risk Assessment

2.1 Air Monitoring

2.2 Field Chemical Analysis

2.3 Science and Research

2.4 Container Assessment

2.5 Estimation of Behavior and Harm

Section 3: Protective Measures

3.1 Personal Protective Equipment

3.2 Zones and Control Areas

3.3 Decontamination

3.4 Medical

Section 4: Action Options

4.1 Incident Safety

4.2 Spill Control

4.3 Leak Control

4.4 Fire Control

Section 5: Incident Termination

5.1 Termination and Documentation

Appendix 1: Instructor Cross Reference

Appendix 2: NFPA 472 and OSHA Competency Crosswalk

Copyright 2002 (download PDF zip file) North Central Florida Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team This document has been developed by the North Central Florida Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team and the Florida Department of Community Affairs - Division of Emergency Management. It is intended to aid public sector employers with maintaining the training requirements of Hazardous Materials Technicians. This document may be duplicated only in its entirety for non-profit training of public sector responders. Any commercial or "for- profit" reproduction of this program without the advanced written permission of the Florida Department of Community Affairs is strictly prohibited.


Draft hazmat competency check off lists - first responder, operations and hazmedic level

The North Central Florida Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team in 2005 prepared three draft "Hazmat Competency Assessment Check Off Lists." These are formatted after the technician level check off list previously developed by the Team and which have been adopted by the Florida SERC for statewide use. These have not been adopted for statewide use.

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